Classes include barre exercises, center floor work, and across the floor combinations with personal corrections.*Barre: A one hour traditional barre ballet class with no correction and no center work. Students will need at least a basic knowledge of ballet vocabulary and technique.

Dance Fitness

Class begins with a warm up, muscle sculpting and core work, then learn a full dance to keep your cardio up! All levels welcome.

Come down and get funky! Hip Hop incorporates a variety of old and new urban dance styles. The dancing in this class represents body movements that go with the beat and rhythm of hip hop music. Class begins with a warm up and stretch followed by hip hop combos which include fun, intermediate choreography. Come in and learn how to break, pop, lock, and jam! All Ages, All Levels

Hip Hop

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Broadway star? Then this is the class for you! This class is going to help you learn comprehensive Musical Theater skills including theater dance, partnering, acting, character development and chorus dancing. This class introduces dance forms found in musical theatre, incorporating elements of ballet, jazz, and modern. Learn the different types of broadway styles from all your favorite musicals like Annie, Oklahoma, and Grease! All Ages, All Levels

Musical Theater


Classes focus on rhythms and patterns in footwork through proper technique, as well as personal style, producing clear sounds and improvisation. 

Tian Jue

Qi Gong

Tian Jue Qi Gong is the practice of gathering yin and yang energy into the Dan tian for health, vitality and longevity. It is both an internal and external practice based on traditional Chinese culture and medicine. Dastan Khalili is a student of Mater Zhou and has been granted permission to teach his Tian Jue Qi gong. Dastan has been studying and practicing Qi gong, Kung Fu and Tai Ji for seven years with Master Zhou and continues to do so. Tian jue Qi Gong is based on the Wu Dang Dragons gate school of Qi Gong. Master Zhou is 18th generation Wu Dang Master. For more information go to